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Karbosguide benytter ikke læsernes oplysninger (herunder e-mail-adresser) til andet end udsendelse af vores nyhedsbreve.

Vi vil aldrig videregive oplysninger til nogen 3.part, det være sig firma, person eller organisation.

Vi er kompromisløse modstandere af enhver form for spam, der efter vores overbevisning udgør total bevidstløs og destruktiv form for kommunikation. Vi hæger om privatlivets fred, og ønsker ikke at krænke den for nogensomhelst.

Læs fx DoubleClick's tekst:

Dear guest

As you may be aware, recent developments in the area of data protection have led to an increase in interest about online privacy issues. Privacy of Internet users is of paramount importance to DoubleClick and we recognise that the ongoing success of both our business and your business depends on our ability to retain the trust of Internet users.

Your DoubleClick contract outlines the necessary steps for a website to take to adhere to DoubleClick's privacy policy. Those steps are:-

(a) your Web Site should feature an easy-to-understand visible privacy policy,

(b) your privacy policy should be clearly linked, at a minimum, to your Web Site's home page

(c) your privacy policy should identify the collection and use of information (including the use of cookies) gathered in connection with both DoubleClick's ad serving activities and your company's delivery of content,

(d) your privacy policy should offer a link to DoubleClick's privacy policy

(e) your privacy policy should offer the user an opportunity to opt out from such collection and use by linking to the opt out section of DoubleClick's privacy policy

While it is common practice for sites on the Web to have a privacy policy, it has not, been a legal obligation. With the implementation of new data protection legislation, we strongly support the data protection authorities' recommendation that you implement a privacy policy on your website(s), and we are taking steps to ensure that all new sites using DoubleClick technology comply with those requirements.

Below you will see the statement that has been used by other sites, which may help you with the implementation.

"Third party ad servers

Our web site uses ad servers (such as DoubleClick) to serve the advertisements that you see on the pages of our web site. That partner may use cookies in the process of serving advertisements, but it will not collect any personally identifiable information about you. For more information about DoubleClick, cookies, and how to "opt-out", please click here [http://www.doubleclick.net/us/corporate/privacy]".

For further information you may wish to contact, our Director of Data Protection, Amanda Chandler at achandler@doubleclick.net.