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The contents:

  • The programs
  • The templates
  • Material for the exercises
  • Other links

  • The programs


  • Get NoteTab Light

  • FTP-program: Trellian FTP

  • FTP-program (Windows Commander)

    Material for the exercises


  • back1.gif
  • back2.gif

  • The image venezia.jpg
  • Two zebra pictures.
  • Graphics for the animal page.
  • Graphics for the fish page.
  • Text and graphics for the Saint-RaphaŽl page.
  • The frameset
  • Code and buttons for Rollover effects

    Other links


  • Get a counter for your web

  • Funny ClipArts for free.
  • Fonts

    Make your own news list (e-mail).

    Banner swap (American)

    Karbo's Image Gallery (made with ASP).

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